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Snow puts her foot down

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

The Poodle/Shih Tzu mix launched himself at the face of the Great Pyrenees.

Snow was lying on the floor, and Hershey still had to leap upward in his attempts to bite through the thick fur on her face and neck. It was a ridiculous play at ferocity, but quite entertaining to the humans in the room.

Hershey has always had an odd variety of “little man syndrome”. It’s not that he needs to prove he’s larger or tougher than he is. He just honestly believes that he is a big dog. I guess, he identifies as a Labrador Retriever, and sees no reason to let reality get in his way.

Snow is good natured about his wrestling. She will open her great mouth, pretending to bite him, too.

Both growled their mock threats, neither taking the other seriously. Molly, however, our Cairn Terrier hates any kind of discord, fake or otherwise. She barked loudly, pouncing on Hershey in an attempt to make him stop. Her efforts were largely ignored, and I called her away from the chaos, since it truly causes her stress.

After a couple minutes of the nonsense, Snow grew tired. First, she tried to hold her head up out of reach of the deranged Poodle, but Hershey is not good at taking a hint. His leaping just got more energetic.

Finally, as a last resort, she took one of her great paws and plopped it down solidly in the middle of Hershey’s back. It caused an instant flattening of the little guy, but he didn’t seem upset by her technique. It had the desired calming effect, much to Molly’s relief.

Hershey eventually wriggled out from under her paw. I guess that was a big enough hint, since he wandered off and left her to snooze in peace.

Snow is indeed a gentle giant with the little dogs, but every once in a while, she has to put her food down.


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