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A DAY OF BEGINNINGS...with a nod to the past

By Laurie Bassett Edmonds

RAYMORE – Wednesday was a big day for Deyvion Plunkett. After seven years in foster care, it was adoption day. He was officially becoming part of a forever family, but that is only a little bit of the story.

NCH photos by Laurie Bassett Edmonds

Deyvion would arrive at the adoption ceremony in a South Metro Fire Protection District engine, wearing a real fire helmet with his name emblazoned on the crest. At least two of the firefighters escorting him to Harrisonville were on the scene in April of 2013, a day that forever changed his life.

Seven years ago, firefighters rescued him from a structure fire in Raymore. At just four months old, his bassinet caught fire, and he was badly burned over much of his body. He wasn’t really expected to survive, but miraculously, he made it.

Beth Plunkett became his foster mom two years ago. Her older son (now 22) had also been burned at a young age, and she had so much empathy for the brave little boy. In addition to her son, she has a 19-year-old daughter, and now officially, a seven-year-old son.

“He’s such a sweet loving little boy,” said Plunkett, “The first time I saw him, my heart just went out to him.”

It started with her providing respite foster care. She helped get him to the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp, where he got to meet other kids with similar struggles. And eventually, she became his full-time foster mom.

“He’s an amazing little boy,” she said, listing off things he loves.

He is showing talent learning to play the drums and guitar. He does karate and loves to play outside, draw, and play with nerf guns. And he loves firefighters and fire trucks.

A South Metro crew arrived bright and early Wednesday morning to pick up Deyvion and his mom for the ride to the courthouse in Harrisonville to make the adoption official. The young honorary firefighter proudly accepted his new helmet and passed out special cookies commemorating the occasion.

Plunkett thanked the firefighters, saying that it was an awesome thing they were doing for Deyvion. “No,” said oneof the firefighters, “What you’re doing is awesome!”


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