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Belton hires marketing and communications specialist

The city of Belton recently announced the appointment of a new marketing and communications specialist, Charlie Duber, who brings a wealth of experience and creativity to bolster the city’s economic growth, increase transparency, and enhance community engagement.

Charlie Duber

With a growing population and a thriving business community, the City of Belton recognized the importance of establishing a dynamic marketing strategy to attract new businesses, visitors, and residents while fostering a stronger sense of community pride. The search for a qualified marketing and communications specialist was undertaken to find a talented individual capable of leading strategic marketing initiatives.

Duber is an accomplished marketing professional with more than 12 years of experience in crafting successful marketing campaigns and strategies.

His proficiency in identifying target markets, driving marketing efforts, and employing innovative approaches will prove instrumental in positioning Belton as a premier destination for businesses and families alike, city officials believe.

According to City Manager Joe Warren, “We created the position because we need to be more transparent with the public and drive more community engagement.”

“Charlie has the expertise and creativity necessary to find ways to communicate with a wide variety of people over several platforms. In today’s segmented news market, it’s important that we get information to people in a way they can easily understand and on a platform that they will find,” Warren said


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