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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The Corona virus has made its way across the world and has affected many nations with some countries hit worse than others. It is now threatening the United States. In the majority of patients it causes mild to moderate respiratory symptoms but it can cause death in the elderly or others with existing health problems. However, all of us will be affected in one way or another whether you contract the virus or not. It is obviously a new disease that is menacing our country. This threat can be beaten back if we all work together as a team.

I am not worried about the American people doing their part. Americans have a history of doing whatever it takes to defeat our enemies whether it be an attack such as Pearl Harbor, 9/11 or in this case an aggressive new but dangerous virus. Already professional sports, concerts, cities and schools, at significant sacrifice, have taken it upon themselves to limit events that would attract large crowds.

Now, if we can just get the Congress, the two political parties and the President to quit squabbling and fighting like little children and have them do their part. President Trump has declared a National Emergency to combat this pandemic. Now the Congress and the president need to try and get along, compromise, quit trying to discredit the other side, and work together to get the medical profession the tools we will need to fight this new disease. In short, do what is best for America and not just their party. The president and Congress should work together as a team just like they did in World War II and after 9/11.

I don’t think that most Americans care who gets credit for combating and defeating this threat to our citizens. They just want our elected leaders to work together for a change. If they do this there should still be plenty of time to criticize, accuse and blame their opponents before the November elections. However, if they actually work as a team they might just discover that good things can get done for the good of the whole country. If that happens then something good might actually come from all of this.

Kirk Ridley, M.D



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