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Mauck named School Improvement chief

Dr. Kimberly Mauck was recently named as Director of School Improvement in the Belton School District. Dr. Mauck has been the principal of Mill Creek Upper Elementary School for the last 13 years and will assume her new role in July of 2019.

“I have seen such positive growth in our school district over the last 13 years and I want to continue this path of progress. I truly believe each and every staff member brings value to our organization and helps every student experience success,” Mauck says.

Mauck replaces Dr. Lorenzo Rizzi, who will be retiring at the end of the 2018-19 school year.


I have a few ideas about what I want for my child. These are not necessarily listed in order by importance. I think they all are equally important. 1. Books – put computers back in computer class only 2. PE – I think PE should be a requirement every semester. The kids who don’t elect it, need it most. This is the point in their lives to instill good life long habits. Self-preservation should be one of them. 3. I think the Principles of Freedom should be taught to every American. As they are laid out in the 5000 Year Leap, a book published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies. 4. Every American sho…


I am really struggling to keep my daughter focused. . I know as her parent it is my responsibility to instill a good work ethic. I feel like my ability to do so has been stripped from me. I know as new technologies and ideas are introduced there should be some room for experimentation. But ever since she received a device from school and the majority of her work has to be done or submitted on the device her grades have plummeted. I am physically unable to remove the distractions. I think our kids need books. I think just having books to flip back and forth in, to read, to copy, to carry and store in their lockers is an…

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