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Pleasant Hill man held without bond

Jason Boman charged in sexual abuse of 10-year-old

By Allen Edmonds

HARRISONVILLE – A 39-year-old Pleasant Hill man is being held without bond after being charged in Cass County Circuit Court with five counts of child molestation, two counts of attempted statutory sodomy, one count of attempted statutory rape and one count of attempted sexual misconduct in connection with the alleged abuse of his 10-year-old daughter during visiting weekends.

Jason Duane Boman

Jason Duane Boman was arrested June 23, shortly after charges were filed in Cass County Circuit Court. Charges were filed by the Cass County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at the close of an investigation by Pleasant Hill Police and the state’s Child Protection Center.

According to court documents, the child revealed to her mother during a dinner out in April that she needed to tell her something, later disclosing that her father had sexually abused her regularly and she did not want to go back to his house.

Through later investigation, the victim was able to tell authorities that the abuse had occurred in 2019 and 2020 when she was with her father for scheduled visitation.

She told interviewers that during one specific incident of abuse, “her dad started touching her inappropriately and it felt like she had total control over her and she didn’t know what to do, so she just sat there and went through it.”

The victim told interviewers that she was in her shared room with her father when it happened at that “he was on his bed and started taking his clothes off and called her over.”

The victim “advised she turned away because she didn’t think he wanted her to see him at that moment and he said, ‘no, it’s okay.’”

According to the probable cause statement, the victim stated that “during the incident, she felt stiff as a board. She stated she couldn’t move or say anything, and when she tried to say something, it wouldn’t come out.”

She said her father would also make her use her hand on him on numerous occasions.

She told interviewers that her dad would abuse her almost every time she went there. On occasions, he would utilize a sex toy in front of her, and she “would turn her back so she couldn’t see,” the affidavit said.

She also told interviewers that he would position her on top of him and attempt to rape her.

During interviews, the affidavit said, the victim advised that some of the incidents may have occurred more recently in time.

She told interviewers that “she finally came forward because he was over hiding it and she didn’t want to lie anymore about whey she didn’t want to go to her dad’s house anymore so she finally told her mom that night.”

She told officers that “her sister is way older and she would make funny inappropriate jokes and (the victim) thought it was weird that as a 10-year-old she understood the jokes and she felt upset with herself.”

She said she hid her concerns because “her dad has anger issues and if she told her mom she was worried he would take his anger out on her grandma. (The victim said) her dad has emotionally hurt her grandma in the past.”

Boman was convicted of domestic assault in 2006 and sentenced to a year in jail. He has had protection orders against him granted in 2018, and twice in 2022. One of the 2022 orders was a child protection case.

Boman appeared before Associate Circuit Judge James Eftink on June 26, where he was arraigned and pleaded not guilty. He advised the court that we would apply for a public defender.

The case was set for a bond review at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 5.

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Melissa Foreman
Melissa Foreman
09. 7. 2023

This article was distastefully written and uncomfortable to read. Author needs a new job.

To se mi líbí

Nicole Scully
Nicole Scully
07. 7. 2023

This was such a distasteful article with unnecessary details especially considering it is about a minor child. Poor grammar, journalism and lacking respect and privacy of a family and child.

To se mi líbí

Traci Ingham
Traci Ingham
06. 7. 2023

I think it’s appalling this article went into so much detail. How was this even necessary? Do you even realize what this child will go through when school starts? not a good move reporter!!!!

To se mi líbí
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