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Service Learning students pack BackSnack bags

By Leah Anderson

Belton High School Intern

Belton High School service-learning students participated in a project last month at Harvester’s Community Food Network, putting together BackSnack bags and cereal bags to feed the hungry, which they help to pass out at elementary schools every Friday.

In the service-learning course, led by Mary Cummings, students volunteer for many different organizations, one of these being the Harvesters BackSnack program. Every Friday, students head out to local Cass County elementary schools where they unbox, cart, and deliver BackSnack bags to children in need.

On Thursday, Oct. 3, and Thursday, Oct. 10, BHS students took a field trip to the organization that puts together and distributes the BackSnack bags. Students did hands-on volunteer work, helping put together, seal, box these bags, and bag cereal. In total, they bagged approximately 730 BackSnack bags within two hours.

“Without our volunteers, we would have to hire up to 30 full-time workers to get this job done,” said one Harvesters employee. Thanks to BHS students, these bags, which would have taken many more hours to put together without their help, are now being delivered to classrooms with children in need.


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