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Belton reviewing solid waste proposals

By Allen Edmonds

Belton city staff spent the week reviewing solid waste bids that were received June 7 from companies angling to replace Jim’s Disposal as the city’s trash contractor.

Belton has cancelled its three-year contract with Jim’s, effective July 19, and has pledged to have a replacement on board in time for a seamless transfer of service. The city has also purchased 96-gallon containers, which are expected to begin arriving next week, according to City Manager Alexa Barton.

She expects the containers to be delivered within two weeks of their arrival. The bins will replace the smaller carts provided by Jim’s Disposal because, at least at the outset, curbside recycling will not be offered due to volatility in the recycling market.

Though expected, it has borne out in the proposals the city has received, Barton said.

“One of our bidders did offer curbside, but said their bid was only good for 90 days and wanted to be able to adjust it quarterly,” she said.

Recycling options will be offered, she said, but for now, they likely will not include a curbside option.

Barton hopes to be able to suggest a hauler to the City Council during its scheduled meeting on June 25, at which time she hopes the council will conduct both readings on the decision so the contract can be signed. She said that depending on the conditions of any agreement, existing code may also need to be changed at that meeting to allow the agreement to move forward.

She said she is aware that the Raymore Council is likely voting on its own replacement for Jim’s this coming Monday.

“But, because we did our 60-day notice later than Raymore, we have one week longer service from Jim’s. So we’re right in line there,” she said.

Information on pickup day, holiday schedule, monthly cost, recycling, yard waste and bulky item pickup will all be communicated to the public after the decision is made, hopefully on June 25, she said.

Those who are currently classified as a hardship pick up (house-line pick up) will receive a 48 gallon cart rather than the 96-gallon cart. Many have expressed interest in a 65-gallon cart instead of the 96 gallon cart., she said.

“At this time, we are asking residents to try the 96 gallon carts for at least 30 days. It is likely the new hauler will only accept trash bags inside the cart versus bags allowed on the ground. Because of that, we want to provide residents with the largest cart possible to dispose of all of the trash.”

Those that would still like a smaller cart, should contact the City beginning Monday, Aug. 26. There will be a limited number of 65-gallon carts available for exchange, first come, first served. Once they are gone, there will no longer be an option to exchange carts, she said.


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