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County, cities join forces on landfill

By Allen Edmonds

Area governments are lining up behind Raymore in opposition to a rumored landfill, said to be in the planning stages for an area just north of the county line in Jackson County.

As part of its scheduled meeting last Wednesday, the Cass County Commission voted 3-0 on Resolution No. 23-11 opposing the location of a landfill close to its border.

The resolution states “that numerous residents and stakeholders have expressed serious concerns to the County Commission about a possible landfill on the county’s northern border adjacent to the Creekmoor neighborhood in Raymore. Currently, it appears there is no application pending with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, or the Missouri Department of Natural Resources related to such a landfill; however, the discussion in the community continues; and the location of the landfill at the considered site would have long-term or permanent serious, destructive, and damaging impacts on surrounding areas including northern Cass County. These impacts include environmental degradation, diminishment of property values, and a chilling effect on commercial and residential development among other negative and harmful effects.”

Cass County is united in opposition to a proposed Kansas City-based landfill near the north county line, potentially located between 155th Street and M-150 Highway and Peterson and Horridge Roads. The Cass County Commission will continue working with its citizens, civic organizations, and local and state government partners to protect the property rights of the county’s residents.

Additionally, Lee’s Summit and Grandview have recently passed similar resolutions opposing such a development, and Belton was to vote on a similar statement Tuesday night.

Stating that the “proposed location of this development would negatively impact the residential and economic quality of life in Northern Cass County, including the City of Belton,” the resolution also said that while “the council is aware a landfill will be needed to serve the Kansas City metropolitan area at some point in the future, however, any attempt to do so should be undertaken only after full engagement of the entire metropolitan community including impacted counties, cities, residents and stakeholders;” and “there has been no engagement of stakeholders or publicly transparent process of any kind to date.”

Kansas City officials are on record denying that any “formal” application has been filed, but sources with the Missouri Legislature have told Raymore officials that initial contacts have been made by developers on the state level.

Meanhwhile, the Raymore City Council will hold what it calls “an urgent public hearing and vote on a bill regarding plans for a solid waste landfill in southeast Kansas City, Missouri, abutting neighborhoods, schools, small businesses, houses of worship and bodies of water in the surrounding communities,” at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 16 at Centerview, 227 Municipal Circle.

According to city officials, the planned landfill’s boundaries are within a 960-acre location generally bound by Peterson Road on the west, M-150 Highway on the north, Horridge Road on the east and 155th Street on the south. The Raymore City Council will vote to approve or reject a one-half mile buffer, extending north from 155th Street on Raymore’s north border, as allowed by the Revised Statutes of Missouri.


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