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Bricks fall from Presbyterian Church on Main Street, other integrity issues surface

Photos by Laurie Bassett Edmonds

By Allen Edmonds

A brick chimney atop the Historic Belton Presbyterian Church collapsed overnight Wednesday, prompting firefighters to block access to much of the 100 block of Main Street until the 124-year-old building can be inspected by a structural engineer.

The fallen bricks were discovered Thursday morning. Firefighters and police immediately cordoned off the property until further inspection could be completed.

Residents of two nearby apartments were also briefly evacuated.

After a brief look at the building’s interior, firefighters found more than the chimney to be at risk of structural failure. As a result, authorities blocked access Main Street in front of the building and Cherry Street to the east.

Though the front entrance to The North Cass Herald building at 120 Main Street remained accessible, firefighters urged caution anywhere near the church building until a full inspection of the property could be completed.

The North Cass Herald office is typically closed on Fridays.


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