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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Congresswoman Hartzler, the nationwide Republican effort at voter suppression in the 2020 general election didn’t work. Efforts by Republican-controlled state legislatures to disenfranchise voters in swing states – particularly states where people of color, the economically disadvantaged or LGBTQ constituents turned out in droves to cast ballots – failed miserably.

Your blathering last week was nothing more than a shady attempt to excuse your vote against certifying the results of the 2020 election in crucial swing states. It was merely sour grapes from a loser. The wholly undemocratic Republican effort to nullify a fair and honest election was defeated in both the House and Senate. If there were any valid reasons to question the results in any of these swing states, your side might have prevailed in court at the state, federal and Supreme levels. Either your party’s lawyers are incompetent, or you didn’t have a leg to stand on or both. After courts turned down more than 60 of the Republican party’s lawsuits to spurn the will of the voters, any fair, rational person would come to the conclusion that the results must stand unchallenged.

Not only did your presidential candidate lose re-election, but your team lost the Senate and (again) the House. The voters have spoken. You just don’t comprehend the language of democracy. It’s simple: Every eligible voter gets a chance to cast a ballot. In your America, the politicians get to pick the voters. In my America, thankfully the voters get to pick who represents them.

One last thing. Don’t try to distance yourself from the insurrection promoted by Donald Trump. You’ve gleefully supported this thug these past four years, knowing full well how dangerous his rhetoric is. Don’t act surprised when his incitement turns deadly.

Stephen Porter


To the Editor:

Following is a letter we sent to U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler:

I am glad you and all others in the US Congress are safe from the July 6 riot at the Capitol. The Lord was with you, even if President Trump was not (he refused to authorize the DC National Guard to respond to the crisis).

On December 11, 2020, the US Supreme Court rejected the State of Texas’s suit regarding voting rules against Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Texas alleged that those states had in various maneuvers violated their own constitutions in setting voting rules during the current pandemic. The US Supreme Court stated that Texas (and other suing states, including Missouri) had NO “interest in the matter”, i.e., BUTT OUT! This decision, plus the rejection of up to 60 other various suits in 6 ‘contested’ states, made it crystal clear, even to President Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr and the FBI, that there was NO illegal or ‘stolen’ election, and Joe Biden was officially elected the new President of the United States.

Even so, you and over 100 representatives planned to challenge electoral ballots in 6 states on January 6. Knowing this, President Trump invited his “thugs” (your word, not mine) to Washington, D.C. (“Be there, be wild!”). Even after you were evacuated and Vice-President Pence was threatened (“should be executed”), you still insisted on following through on the challenges to valid election procedures AND OUR DEMOCRACY!

• Why do you think you have any right to challenge how other states handle their voting rules?

• Why didn’t you challenge these rules by introducing a bill to correct these supposed ‘violations’ of state constitutions prior to the election?

• Why didn’t you challenge Missouri’s voting procedure changes made to accommodate citizens concerned about Covid-19 exposure?

If you think you have a reason to change voting procedures, we will be looking forward to you immediately introducing a bill that directs how states can handle their voting rules.

Your actions as our representative led to President Trump directing an attack on the Capitol, which included 5 deaths that day and an additional suicide.

Your actions are those of a follower, not a leader. In Missouri, we want a leader, not someone who swears fealty to a president, who, by the way, has still not acknowledged the death of a Capitol Policeman.

We are glad you have finally acknowledged Joe Biden as the new President of the United States, but at what price?


Rob and Pam Powell



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