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Molendorp closes public area of Collector's Office, will continue functions electronically

HARRISONVILLE - Cass County Collector of Revenue Chris Molendorp announced today that the public area of the Collector's Office has closed as of 10:30 a.m. today, but will continue to service taxpayers through electronic means.

“Out of an abundance of caution, I’ve decided to close the public payment counters I maintain at the Mill-Walk Mall. My staff will still work, but will move our operations to phone, email and fax communication only”, Molendorp said.

Taxpayers may call the Collector’s office at 816-380-8377. Email traffic may be directed to Employees are standing by to take property tax payments over the phone. In addition, Molendorp has enhanced the payment and tax bill search capabilities at

“My team can fax and email paid receipts to any Missouri License Bureau, County Assessor’s office, or personal fax or email accounts. Tax waivers can be treated the same way. Modern technology can be embraced to reduce risk to my team and the public, during this time.”

Molendorp maintains two drop boxes: one inside the Mill Walk mall and one in the mall’s parking lot in front of Kurzweil’s Meats.


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