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Peculiar aldermen set 2019 tax levy

By Laurie Bassett-Edmonds

PECULIAR – The Peculiar Board of Aldermen approved both readings Monday evening of an ordinance setting the 2019 tax levy at $1.1622 per $100 of assessed valuation.

Typically, the board avoids double readings, but were really given no choice in this instance. The approved numbers didn’t come back from the state and county until the day of the previous meeting, too late to be put on the agenda. Since this is the last meeting before Sept. 1, a double reading was required.

Due to the Hancock Amendment, the total levy will be reduced by $.2872, with the largest drop in the debt service portion.

Only $.0271 of the reduction was from the General Fund. The 2018 total was $1.4494.

In other business, a first reading was approved on a final plat which basically grants a lot-split for C&K Acres, separating 20.8 acres from a 60-plus acre property.

The property is located at the southeast corner of Harper Road and 227th Street. Plans are to construct a single residence at that location.

The second reading of an ordinance changing City Code was postponed at the suggestion of Alderman Don Turner. He said he would still vote against it, and with two Aldermen absent it would not pass. He even seconded the motion to postpone. His action seemed to indicate that he wanted the ordinance to pass, but without his vote.

Meeting minutes for July 15 and Aug. 5 were approved in a 3-1 vote, with Turner opposing. He did not give a reason for his opposition, nor did he offer any corrections or set-asides.

Police Chief Harry Gurin announced that two new police officers were sworn into office earlier in the day.


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