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Price Chopper may be in the future for Peculiar

By Laurie Bassett-Edmonds

PECULIAR – Joel Riggs, of Associated Wholesale Grocers, and John Cosentino, owner of multiple KC area Price Choppers, approached the Peculiar Board of Aldermen Monday evening regarding their receptiveness to the use of a TIF and/or CID to fund the infrastructure improvements needed to upgrade and expand the existing Countrymart into a Price Chopper.

Riggs explained that the Cosentino Group wants to take over the existing store and rebrand it as a Price Chopper, however, the project isn’t financially feasible without public funding. He said that before they go any further with the planning, they want to make sure the Board would be open to looking at a TIF and/or CID.

Riggs went on to further explain that the new store would be expanded by 5,000 square feet and a drive-thru pharmacy would be one of the added amenities.

The consensus of the Board was to move forward with the project. Although economic incentives haven’t been used previously in Peculiar, Alderman Tom Broadhurst pointed out that they are in place and ready to go. The thought of losing the grocery store in the community was much more concerning than the thought of using a funding mechanism to improve it.

Riggs explained that the process would take a minimum of 120 days, so it isn’t something that will happen overnight.

In other business, the board unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance calling for the general municipal election on April 7 and establishing the filing dates.

A resolution was approved for an agreement with Cass County Public Library, allowing them to store the Bookmobile in the old Public Works Building. The Library agreed to pay $10 per month, but it was suggested that they change the amount to $10 per year. The amended version was approved unanimously.

Another resolution for two streetlights in the vicinity of 205th Street and School Road was approved in a 6-0 vote.

In a 5-1 vote with Alderman Don Turner opposing, a resolution was approved for the City’s NPDES Phase II Storm Water Management Program Annual Report. It should be noted that if the City didn’t comply with the State’s requirements for creating and approving this report, there would be a fine.

Under discussion items, the Board agreed to move forward with the annexation of 6 “island properties”, that is, properties completely surrounded by properties within the city limits.

It was pointed out that the residents of these properties enjoyed the amenities (roads, police, etc.) of living in the city, but without having to pay the city taxes like everyone else.

As a second item, Council members were introduced to the Missouri Hidden Heroes Cities Campaign, which works to recognize those who are caregivers for military veterans.

Participation would not cost the City, and it was agreed to move forward with this, as well.


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